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Ghana Trip Recap

October 31, 2023

I got back from a mission trip to Ghana about a week ago. This was my first international trip since before COVID. I went to Ghana to take part in the dedication of a medical clinic. Over the last few years, we’ve provided money to FAME, one our partners, to help another one of our partners, Ghana Christian Mission, build an addition to their clinic.

While we were in Ghana, we took the opportunity to see other parts of their ministry. We started in the northwest corner of Ghana and over seven days we drove to the southwest corner of the country. We got to see so many awesome things on the trip. Here are a few highlights.

First, we took part in the dedication of the staff housing for the Kumdi medical clinic. Ghana Christian Mission has seven clinics, but this is the busiest. The Kumdi clinic treats around fourteen hundred patients and delivers around thirty babies per month. They do all of this with only sixteen staff and very few resources by American standards. Not only is the Kumdi clinic Ghana Christian Mission’s busiest clinic, they are the second busiest clinic in their entire district. This is why this staff housing project was so important. Ghana Christian Mission’s clinics are in remote areas, so it’s often difficult for them to find housing for their staff. This new building ensures that their staff has a safe place to live that’s right next to the clinic so they can respond to emergencies.  

The dedication itself was attended by around three hundred people including the local chiefs and politicians. During the dedication, there were speeches, traditional dancing, a ribbon cutting ceremony, the unveiling of a memorial plaque, and a tour of the new facility. 

Bill Warren, the Executive Director of FAME, and Wisdom Nyador, the Executive Director of Ghana Christian Mission, and myself were all given fugus, the traditional clothing for men in Northern Ghana, as a thank you gift by the local chiefs and their elders. 

The clinic staff were so happy to have a new place to live and the Kumdi community was so honored to have such a nice building in their area.

Second, I got to see John Kpormegbe. John is a church planter we support through Ghana Christian Mission. John has been on the field for nine years. In that time, he has planted nine churches and baptized over three hundred people. I met John in Ghana a handful of years ago, but had never had the chance to visit his church. It was great to be with them. Last year, we also gave John’s wife, Justine, as special gift to open a business, which I was also able to see. This will provide additional income for their family, so please pray it is successful.

Finally, I got to see Richard Ntim. Richard is one of our former partners and was also the Camp Allendale missionary over the summer. Richard is a great friend to our church, so I can’t go to Ghana without seeing him. 

I was extremely impressed by everything I saw in Ghana. I want you to know that our partnerships with Ghana Christian Mission, the medical clinic in Kumdi, and John Kpormegbe are made possible by your giving to Plainfield Christian Church. Thank you so much for your generosity. You’re literally changing and saving the lives of people around the world.


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