Celebrating Easter

What is it about spring holidays that are so much fun? Is it the flowers with their beautiful colors…the warm sun…the changing seasons? It’s a breath of fresh air.

Easter is an important spring holiday to celebrate with kids. Easter eggs, jelly beans, and even spring gifts from a bunny can be entertaining. There are so many ways to have all this fun while teaching any kid in your life about Jesus. It may seem scary or uncertain to tell a child about someone dying; especially if that someone is supposed to be their best friend.

However, this is the good news! God let Jesus take the punishment for our sin by dying on the cross and then brought Jesus back to life! So as we get ready for Easter, let’s think about preparing our hearts for celebrating Jesus. Let’s make sure that the kids in our lives know that Easter is so much bigger than the season of spring, colorful Easter eggs, and baskets of candy. Focus on Jesus being alive—not just three days after His death—but the fact that He is alive today.


Here are some great ways to celebrate:

  • The week before Easter, use the Jesus Story Book Bible’s Easter Week reading plan. Tuesday–Washed with Tears; Wednesday–The Servant King; Thursday–A Dark Night in the Garden; Friday–The Sun Stops Shining; Saturday–No Reading; Sunday–God’s Wonderful Surprise. 

  • During an Easter egg hunt, leave one plastic egg empty. Then have the child that finds the empty egg, get the biggest surprise (large candy bar or money). Use that time to talk about how the tomb was empty and that Jesus is alive!

  •  For Easter dinner, buy a set of resurrection eggs (amazon.com – of course!). Number them on the outside and place one on everyone’s plate. Open the eggs in numerical order and re-tell Jesus’ story. This is fun for people of all ages.

  •  Make a small Easter basket gift for a widow or single parent in your neighborhood. Fill it with a gift card to a restaurant, a small story of Jesus’ love, a plant, some gum or mints. Deliver it when they are home.

  •  God tells the people in Deuteronomy 6 to teach their children who He is. Today, we hold the same responsibility. Celebrating Easter is a natural opportunity to tell others who Jesus is and how He has changed your life. Simply share a story of how Jesus has impacted you at some time in your life. 


Of course, one of the best things that we can do is to celebrate Jesus all year long by remembering His death and resurrection. We can practice forgiveness and love every day. We can recognize our own sins and remember to live in our freedom in Jesus. We can read our Bibles daily, have dinner conversations about how we see Jesus each day, and help take care of each other. We can be the breath of fresh air, not just in spring, but every day in the lives of those around us. Happy Easter!