While I Was A Stranger... Elias Herrera's Story.

We are strangers living in a strange land. We’re exiles, chosen to be obedient to Christ, scattered as foreigners to be salt and light to the world around us. This obedience to Christ sometimes means that we’ll endure difficult circumstances. We’re not home yet, but we rest assured knowing that someday we will be.

Elias has been a stranger in a strange land as he and his wife, Norma, moved to the United States from Venezuela. Because they are Christians, they have also experienced living in a world that is not their home. Elias and Norma have had to learn an entirely new culture and language, but have found that because they know what it’s like to be in a foreign place, their eyes have been opened to those who are facing this as well. They have welcomed others into their home and shared Jesus with them every opportunity they get. Here is Elias’s story of being a stranger.