While I Was A Stranger... The Ganyo's Story.


We are strangers living in a strange land. We’re exiles, chosen to be obedient to Christ, scattered as foreigners to be salt and light to the world around us. This obedience to Christ sometimes means that we’ll endure difficult circumstances. We’re not home yet, but we rest assured knowing that someday we will be.

Austin and Amanda Ganyo have been strangers in a strange land. Amanda has experienced this as an American living in Africa and Austin has experienced this even in different parts of West Africa. Not only that, but they both have faced the challenge of being a Christian living in a world that is not their home. The Ganyos have had times of isolation and feeling lonely, but they have found that having community with other believers and knowing that they aren’t alone in the journey makes a big difference. Here is Austin and Amanda’s story of being strangers.