Stories from Our Missionaries

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Missionary By Age 8.

I understood something as a very young child. I understood that Jesus loved me and as the old song said, "the children of the world." The result of my understanding God's love for both myself and those around me was to invite all of my friends to follow Jesus too. Each Wednesday night my mom would drive through our neighborhood and load up the station wagon with my friends and head to kids classes, youth group, choir (I still can't sing but wouldn't trade the memories of kids choir at church for anything), and every other activity that the church had going on.  

Many years later I am still doing the same thing. Searching our neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and cities to share the love, grace, hope, & peace that I have found in Jesus.  

I am writing this because it is honestly quite strange that someone would just now begin viewing us as missionaries. When I came up out of that water I was sent. I was a missionary then. I still am. Now I just have a team of 4 others around me. So guess what this means? Yes, as a follower of Jesus, YOU ARE IN FACT A MISSIONARY! You have been given much and now it is time to give it to others.

He said, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.
-Mark 16:15


A couple of questions:

1. Do you believe that just as the Father sent the Son that He has sent you?

2. If you do believe this, to whom has God sent you to? Is it a neighborhood, sports complex, city, ballet studio, a country?

3. What next steps will you put into place today to help you go into your world and share the hope you have in Christ?

May you be willing to go into the spaces and places that God has gifted you to serve in.  

May you know that He is in fact with you.  

May you take a risk and open your home to your neighbors.  


-Ryan Sudsberry