Plainfield Community Thanksgiving Dinner Stories

In 13 years of serving an annual Thanksgiving meal to the Plainfield/Guilford Township community, over 10,000 meals have been served, and countless lives have been touched.

At this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, 1,410 meals were served by 158 volunteers. In addition to feeding those who were hungry, volunteers also helped those who were lonely and trying to find a peaceful place in their hearts on this national holiday intended for honoring our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

One of the families attending this year first came to the community Thanksgiving dinner six years ago. The family, then new to Plainfield, was struggling from the loss of work and brought their young triplets and son to the meal. They couldn’t afford food and had no one to turn to having recently moved from another state. With no money to go back home, they discovered a new family of friends and community here in Plainfield. They now come to the dinner as their family tradition with their grown son and triplets.

Another gentleman this year was on his way to the dinner. Suffering a flat tire and not being able to afford to get it fixed, he hitched a ride to the dinner and found a volunteer to take him home. During the ride home, the volunteer was able to witness to the man about the love of Jesus Christ.

A woman, hoping to not be alone for the holiday, decided to attend the event after she was not invited to her children’s family gathering. Preparing to go through a double mastectomy surgery this coming week, she found several people at the dinner who were able to show her the love of Christ. 

While the names of the individuals and families are not mentioned in order to help them maintain their dignity, there is no misunderstanding about how the community Thanksgiving dinner is meeting the needs of those who participate in many ways. We hope that God is glorified through all the efforts of those making this event possible.