Our Purpose

Our purpose at Plainfield Christian Church is to love all people to new life in Christ.


We commit to do this through:

Loving God through faithful worship. We value coming together as followers of God for the purpose of expressing our love and devotion through corporate worship. Each Sunday we gather to give God our best through song, preaching of the Word, communion, giving of our offerings in fellowship with the Father and with each other.

Growing deeper in God's Word and in fellowship with His people. We know that we grow closer to God as we get closer with a smaller group of believers and dig into the Word of God together. We facilitate this at Plainfield Christian Church through Life Groups.

Serving one another in love. We recognize that we are each designed with a purpose and that life is best lived the more we put others first. At Plainfield Christian Church, we desire for every member to have a place to serve others and serve God.

Reaching lost people around us and around the world. We know that all people matter to God and therefore, we want to be active in reaching to those who have yet to discover Him, whether that be across the world or next door.



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"At Plainfield Christian Church, we've learned that following Jesus means not taking what the world has to offer, but following what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do."
-Brian & April McCulloh