The Heart of Parenthood


We are starting a new series called “Help, I’m A Parent!”  Because that is what we feel like, right? Once we get into parenting, we realize we are in way over our head! We need help to navigate these waters. 

So, we are going to start by looking at the question: What is the goal of parenting? Is it bringing up “well-behaved kids?” Is it raising “responsible adults?”  Well…maybe there is more to it than that!

Do you remember the story that Jesus told of the farmer who sowed seed?  Maybe it would be better named “The Parable of The Soil.”  The sower planted seeds in various kinds of soil.  Some soil was rocky, some a hard path, some thorny, and some was good soil. The only seeds that grew up, stayed strong, and produced a good crop, were those that were planted in good soil.

That is a picture of what we want for our kids. We want them to grow up, stay strong, and thrive—and that can only happen through Jesus Christ. We want Christ’s life in our children! That is the goal of parenting.

Our job, then, is to prepare the soil of their hearts so that they will be ready to humbly accept Jesus and love Him with their whole being. This goal of Christ’s life in our children obviously means we can’t do it on our own.  We have to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit for this to happen. It means parenting by faith, not by formula! That is the Christian life, and that is also the life of parenting.