The New Life Blog


Welcome to Plainfield Christian Church’s new blog! We are calling this blog “New Life” as a spin off of our vision statement, “Loving all people to new life in Christ.”

On this blog, we want to explore what our new life in Christ looks like in all facets of life: home, work, play, economics, entertainment, relationships, corporate worship, etc. We don’t want this blog to just be our thoughts on various subjects. We hope it will spark conversations among our community of faith as we wrestle through these issues together!

As the comments get rolling on the various posts, let’s commit to making our conversations full of humility (my opinion may be wrong), full of grace (kindness in our comments), and full of love (commitment to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ as we trust the Holy Spirit to teach us in His time).

We are looking forward to discovering our new life in Christ together!

-The PCC Staff